This is personal to me…

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the time spent with family and friends over Thanksgiving. As we take some time out to count our blessings, I also want to say how very thankful I am for your incredible support too.

This race for Governor is personal for me.

In all honesty, I’m in because somebody has to fight for you, me and the values we hold dear.

If we don’t fight for these values, who will? Can I count on you to charge into this fight with me?

Like most of you, I’m not a millionaire – and when I am elected the only special interest I’ll owe anything to is YOU.

I’m recruiting patriots, like you, to join my team with a contribution TODAY >>

We must take a stand against the liberal elites! They’ve spent the last year pouring millions into elections across the country – trying to spread their false narrative and change the rising tide of conservativism.

Mark my words – Colorado is their next target! They have decided that our state is the next battleground for their extremist agenda and unless we take a stand right now they will succeed.

To win this battle, I will need people of character and principle like you to stand shoulder to shoulder with me.

Will you join the hundreds of patriots that have already joined our team and chip in $100, $50, $25 or another generous amount?

After decades of standing up for you in public life – I’ve learned that fighting the status-quo elites (in both parties) isn’t easy, but I’m determined to bring back our conservative values. I don’t have to tell you, the mess that Colorado and our country is in.

When you elect me, you’ll be electing a fighter with a record of PROVEN success! I’ll be fighting to make Colorado a better place by:

  • Finding a solution to our transportation problem
  • Banning Sanctuary Cities
  • Defending our Second Amendment Rights
  • Protecting the unborn
  • And fixing our education system

I’m personally asking you to help execute the battle plan to take back the Governor’s mansion from the establishment elite.

I’m not lying when I say they WILL come after me, they WILL label me as every nasty name in the book, and they will unleash their massive Democrat war chest against me and this WILL be a hard-fought victory!

The national Democrat establishment say that principled conservatives like you don’t matter, and you can’t stop them, that you can’t make a difference in Colorado.

…But we can and we will! I am calling on concerned Americans like YOU to step up right now and join my fight to save Colorado.


This fight is just beginning, but I know that our campaign has the conservative principles it takes to take Colorado back!

Thank you in advance for your support!

-Tom Tancredo