Press Release: Tom Tancredo Fires Back at Karl Rove’s Tirade on Fox News


FOR RELEASE: November 14, 2017                                                         



Tom Tancredo Fires Back at Karl Rove’s Tirade on Fox News


DENVER, Colorado Former Congressman and Gubernatorial Candidate, Tom Tancredo, didn’t take long responding to establishment GOP consultant Karl Rove’s tirade earlier this evening, where Rove called Tancredo a “disgraced former Congressman” on national television.


Tancredo fired back, “I don’t take moral advice or criticism from someone who helped the President create a false narrative about Iraq that eventually led to the deaths of thousands of American servicemen and women and created a catastrophic mess in the middle east.”


This isn’t the first time Karl Rove has attacked Tancredo. Just one month ago, again on Fox News, Rove lumped Tancredo in with “Steve Bannon’s motley crew of challengers” in the upcoming midterm elections.


Tancredo, who served in Congress during the Bush Administration had been at odds with Karl Rove and other members of the Bush White House over immigration, federal education policy and healthcare policy.


Tom Tancredo is a Colorado native, taught at Drake Junior High School in Arvada, served two-terms in the Colorado State Legislature, worked in the Reagan and Bush Department of Education, headed the Independence Institute, and was a five-term Colorado Congressman.

In Congress, Tom was a driving force behind the Sudan Peace Act, bringing aid and attention to persecuted Soviet Jews, and for enforcing existing Federal immigration laws.