Tancredo on Breitbart: Duty, Honor, Communism at West Point – Should We Be Surprised?

Tom Tancredo publishes a regular column on Breitbart.com

by TOM TANCREDO | 24 Oct 2017 |

A recent graduate of West Point, 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone, is a proud, self-proclaimed Marxist and communist. He celebrated his May 2016 West Point graduation by wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt under his uniform and tweeting a photo of that attire and a sign inside his military head cover, “Communism will win!”
Lt. Rapone’s current twitter account appears under the name, “Punkproletarian,” which he used in September 2017 to tweet a “Veterans for Kaepernick” message, thereby applauding the NFL player’s disrespect for the National Anthem and the United States flag.

Hey! Just the kind of guy we want defending American sovereignty, American national interests, and leading American soldiers into battle, right?

Well, brace yourself for the really bad news: West Point faculty and administrators knew about his anti-American views and still allowed him to graduate and receive his military commission. Evidently, it is now permissible to hate your country and hope communism triumphs worldwide and still be an officer in the United States Army. So, it is fair to ask, what happened to the West Point values immortalized by General Douglas MacArthur in his iconic 1962 farewell address to West Point cadets, “Duty, Honor, Country”?

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